Archived Webinars

AQUOS BOARD Displays on Campus

Recently, Caldwell University installed approximately 35 Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems and more than 30 Sharp displays and monitors across its campus, helping to enhance collaboration among the university’s students and faculty. Join us for a unique webinar highlighting their positive experience on campus.Learn More

10 Ways to Engage Your Students Using the AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display System

Have you ever wondered how you can better engage your students in the classroom? We took a peek into a virtual 5th grade science class to get a close-up view of how to teach a class on volcanoes using our best-selling AQUOS BOARD interactive display system. What we saw were an array of interactive features that make this the perfect fit for students and teachers alike. Learn More

Expert Tips on Keeping Color Consistent

Have you ever struggled to print the perfect color job and simply fallen short of the mark? Do you find it challenging to calibrate your monitors and printers so that you get consistent color output? Did you know that there is a difference between laptop and desktop displays? In this informative webinar, X-Rite, a global leader in color science and technology, leads you through the basics of color management. Learn More

Find the Answers to your Purchasing Challenges

Is your organization overwhelmed by the bid process? Do you need to streamline the contracting process? Could your organization maximize efficiencies? Learn More

How Secure is your Data?
Steps to Developing a Strong BC/DR Plan

In this Sharp-sponsored webinar, Scott Glidden from Continuum sits down with IT Business Strategist Ray Vrabel, to discuss Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) and how businesses have become dependent on data in all aspects of day-to-day operations. Learn how data affects brand, customer loyalty, employee downtime and morale, and much more, all while understanding how to implement a solid disaster recovery plan from beginning to end! Learn More

How Today's Workforce Can Stay Connected
WIth Cloud Portal Office

Did you know that according to International Data Corp. (IDC) more than one-third of the global workforce will be mobile this year?That means that more workers than ever before are working from either home office or are on the road. With this many of us collaborating remotely, the cloud has become more important for the workforce than ever before. Learn More

Outsourcing to Insourcing:
The benefits of bringing your print jobs in house

Did you know that insourcing print communications can be better for business? Although outsourcing corporate communications materials—such as brochures, newsletters and posters—has some benefits, nowadays insourcing print jobs can be the most feasible and cost effective approach for many businesses. Learn More

What Does Cloud Computing Really Mean?

Cloud and cloud services are words that seem to be top of mind with every IT professional and CFO these days. But is it right for your business and is now the time to be making some changes? Learn More